Paraphilia – an improvisational colaboration


The rules were simple:

1. you get 6 random acting students

2. you have two weeks to make a film together

3. make it about sex and power…

4. don’t forget to have fun!

I wanted to experiment with improv. I was lucky, that my actors came up with lots of good ideas and even wrote their own dialogue parts. After shooting those, we began the improv-session, and let me give you one advice right away: shoot on a tripod! If you’re lucky as I was, your actors will make you laugh so hard….I had to edit around the messed up parts where I shook the camera to much :D Fortunately the other camera was on a tripod. We had to shoot it like a live theater play, to be able to edit without continuity issues. When I’m done editing the behind the scenes video, it will show how simple the set was. To be continued…



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