Inception and Surrealism

For a film that does not contain any surrealism, it’s seeping with it…

That’s the weird thing with american block-buster cinema. Some directors manage to hide their art inside an unassuming piece of entertainment. The last couple of decades seem to me like the early communist Russia. During the 20s it harbored the most talented film makers in the world, only to put an end to it in the 30s. Vertov, Eisenstein and the others had to bow down to Stalin, with devastating effect to their art. In hollywood the new capitalist regime in form of big corporation, which took over the broke studios, allowed great artists to emerge during the 70s and 80s (Lucas, Spielberg etc.).  Nowadays there is less risk-taking and the rules are strickt. Everyone who wants to grow out of no-budget movie-making, has to fall in line. That’s why inception is not a great movie on the inside. It’s full of coded messages meant to be decoded outside of the movie theater.

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