Character Research II (Dio)

Part two of my little research trilogy is about another character (Dio) who has a very different perspective on life than the first one (Fritz). Again I’m using my train commutes as a time of contemplation and experimentation. It seems repetitive, but it allows me to demonstrate how the three very distinct characters see their world based on mundane travels.

Character Research I (Fritz)

…so I have all this footage lying around which I recorded during my commutes to cologne…and just now I realised how it can help me explore a charakter I’m trying to write a story about. Since I’m not good at writing I tried to make this fake video diary the way he would make it. To see the world through his eyes and follow a development in his perception, instead of making up a half baked background story and writing silly dialogue. Mabe I can sneak in narrative film making this way… ;)

Paraphilia behind the scenes

As promissed the making of Paraphilia. I wanted to capture the rather hilarious and relaxed time during the production inspite of the tough deadline we were given. I remember being rather stressed about the outcome. It’s a risky gamble I allowed myself with the improvisational nature of the film. It’s unpredictable how long it takes to edit something useful out of the huge pile of messy footage. But watching this in retrospective…it’s incredible how much fun we’ve had shooting this! Now we feel like school kids fooling around during an assignment, winging it last minute and getting through with it AND earning an A+  :D

Paraphilia – an improvisational colaboration


The rules were simple:

1. you get 6 random acting students

2. you have two weeks to make a film together

3. make it about sex and power…

4. don’t forget to have fun!

I wanted to experiment with improv. I was lucky, that my actors came up with lots of good ideas and even wrote their own dialogue parts. After shooting those, we began the improv-session, and let me give you one advice right away: shoot on a tripod! If you’re lucky as I was, your actors will make you laugh so hard….I had to edit around the messed up parts where I shook the camera to much :D Fortunately the other camera was on a tripod. We had to shoot it like a live theater play, to be able to edit without continuity issues. When I’m done editing the behind the scenes video, it will show how simple the set was. To be continued…



world cup madness in Germany 2014

It’s amazing what you can do with such inexpensive and inconspicuous gear. Not being noticed by the drunk worldcup-celebrating mob is the best! Testing my mirrorless camera at night with a speedbooster and a nikkor 85mm f2. It increases the light and gives me the same creative freedom like a full format 35mm camera at an acceptable quality.


highspeed photography tests

Experimenting with my new camera. It was dirt cheap but it can shoot 11 photos per second!

Video tests coming up next ;)

8 Creative Resolutions for 2014

Converted from 8 Somewhat Unusual New Year’s Screenwriting Resolutions for 2014


I will stop being so precious

We get too attached to certain ideas…sometimes it’s your best ideas that are holding you back…cut ‘em!


No one writes a good first draft. Start calling your terrible ideas “placeholders”. They’re holding the place of your great ideas.

I will stop learning

Advice from director Wim Wenders:

The more you know about moviemaking, the tougher it gets to leave that knowledge behind. As soon as you do things “because you know how to do them,” you’re fucked.

I will not say “sorry”

It’s about having confidence, because confidence protects passion, and passion protects projects.

I will bore people by talking about my project

Acknowledging its existence with someone makes it a little more real and tangible. My passion for my stories seems to come alive the most when I talk about them with other people.

I will celebrate even my worst pieces

No matter how good or bad you think your final product is, make sure to congratulate yourself on a job well done.

I will destroy all distractions


I will be a bad friend

“I can’t. I’m busy,”

I will write something marketable

You can still create what you are passionate about and that means something to you, but take the time to see if you can squeeze a little appeal into them.

Experiments &Tests 2012

During the preparations for my graduation film “Kinder des Lärms” we practiced and experimented alot with different types of dollies, sliders, steadicams and rigs. Some shots were more advanced and difficult than what we did in the final film.

In film you shouldn’t do stuff, just because you can…that’s what showreels are for! :D

KHM Showreel

The showreel I sent to the Academy of Media Arts Cologne (KHM)

It contains short versions of :



Satans HDD Lizzie version


Kinder des Laerms engSUB

Australian Sound Design

During my time at the RMIT I had the opportunity to learn quite a bit about sound design.

Sound Design: marcia oscar


Sound Design: NICHE wispy version


Sound Design: NICHE industrial version