Chaos Cinema

Chaos Cinema is the new style used mostly in Action / Bluckbuster films since the beginning of the 21th century. The attempts to compare it to the achievements of early film don’t work. The new superior artform during the industrial and post industrial era was able to adress the modern mind. Chaos cinema supposedly succeedes in being a new style for a new age, giving the overloaded brains of the video-gaming, post-Mtv-generation, what it wants, by communicating the experiences in the multimedia chaos-sphere. What we’ve seen up to this point is an attempt to fake it by sensory overload. It does not deliver the same experience as Pop-Art, abstract Video-Art, Videogames etc…yet!

Source: Chaos Cinema Part 1+2

To be fair, the techniques of chaos cinema can be used intelligently and with a sense of purpose. Case in point: Kathryn Bigelow‘s The Hurt Locker.



Source: CHAOS CINEMA, PART 3; Matthias Stork addresses his critics


Feminism and quantum physics in “New Materialism”

Iris van der Tuin interviews Karen Barad:

How then is quantum physics helping you in articulating your feminism?

…it is called a two-slit apparatus. When you take a bunch of balls and shoot them randomly at two slits…you get something called a “scatter pattern.”

…It is amazing that you can now show that Bohr is right and not Einstein.

In an important sense, the“past” is open to change…but changing the past is never without costs, or responsibility.

…a sample of what I have learned from engaging with quantum physics that helps me further my understanding of feminist issues and practices.

I met Iris when she held a presentation about her new book “New Materialism: Interviews & Cartographies Rick Dolphijn & Iris van der Tuin“. She really expanded my horizon and we engaged in an intriguing discussion on a new approach to philosophy and science.


8 Creative Resolutions for 2014

Converted from 8 Somewhat Unusual New Year’s Screenwriting Resolutions for 2014


I will stop being so precious

We get too attached to certain ideas…sometimes it’s your best ideas that are holding you back…cut ‘em!


No one writes a good first draft. Start calling your terrible ideas “placeholders”. They’re holding the place of your great ideas.

I will stop learning

Advice from director Wim Wenders:

The more you know about moviemaking, the tougher it gets to leave that knowledge behind. As soon as you do things “because you know how to do them,” you’re fucked.

I will not say “sorry”

It’s about having confidence, because confidence protects passion, and passion protects projects.

I will bore people by talking about my project

Acknowledging its existence with someone makes it a little more real and tangible. My passion for my stories seems to come alive the most when I talk about them with other people.

I will celebrate even my worst pieces

No matter how good or bad you think your final product is, make sure to congratulate yourself on a job well done.

I will destroy all distractions


I will be a bad friend

“I can’t. I’m busy,”

I will write something marketable

You can still create what you are passionate about and that means something to you, but take the time to see if you can squeeze a little appeal into them.

David Fincher on film marketing

“It’s not smart if you’re the head of the marketing department of a major studio to look at a movie and say: Hey, that fucking movie is great man!”

“If you start with that supposition…instead of saying why that movie is different, they start covering the downside…”

Gilles Deleuze on intellectuals

“Whenever I meet an intellectual I’m horrified!” “…I don’t like intellectuals!”

“All I’m ever learning, I learn for one specific Task, and upon its completion I forget everything…with few exceptions I keep close to my heart, like Spinoza.”

Functionality vs Beauty

“Art lives from constraint and dies from freedom.”

“…What we have to remember is that the video we produce ultimately serves a purpose. More often than not that purpose is to deliver a message, a point of view, or an education. Sometimes the cinematography can actually get in the way of that message and be a distraction. Sometimes our cinematography needs to be functional rather than beautiful, and making the best decision about this canbe incredibly important…”

Gilles Deleuze on writing…

“Writing is not a private matter, only assholes do that…the scum of literary mediocrity.”

“The author is a wizard, because he sees the animal as the sole audience to which he is accountable.”

Steadicam + Segway = affordable?

A handsfree Segway for steadicam operators seemed like a good idea…for big budget productions. So I built a simple cart for my camera operator  and pushed it myself during the shoot for Kinder des Laerms

Here is an example of what a skilled steadi-op can do if you have the necessary funds:


Unfortunately the highly affordable yooPT might not reach the goal with their crowd-funding campaign

Making Music More Accessible


Looks good, simmilar to Jamendo

Experiments &Tests 2012

During the preparations for my graduation film “Kinder des Lärms” we practiced and experimented alot with different types of dollies, sliders, steadicams and rigs. Some shots were more advanced and difficult than what we did in the final film.

In film you shouldn’t do stuff, just because you can…that’s what showreels are for! :D

Steven Spielberg on the Problem with Story Tellers


“People have forgotten how to tell a story. Stories don’t have a middle or an end any more. They usually have a beginning that never stops beginning.” http://filmmakeriq.com/